Posted by: morrowsl | May 27, 2020

On Channeling My Inner Hippy

There was a time when the idea of making all of my own “stuff” held great appeal. Then I had kids and realized that I could make baby food and children’s clothing, or I could shower and clean the toilets.

I was never really meant to be one of those moms who baked her own bread while my laundry dried on the line and my barefoot children played happily outside in the shade of my perfectly grown trees next to my lush garden and flowerbeds.

I was more Kitty Forman than June Cleaver.

But I can do that now. Now that my kids are adults and have their own kids. Now that my days aren’t filled with the stresses of a job away from home with its alarm clocks and hot rollers and commute.  Now that I don’t have to spend my evenings meal planning and my weekends getting ready for the week to come.

Now that shaving my legs happens when I want to do it instead of when I have to.

I have to confess, I owe this new mindset, at least somewhat, to the Pandemic. All this time spent at home with no social demands has given me time to consider what I really want to do with my remaining days. I know some people have used their time for reading or learning Tai Chi or home renovations. And I’ve done a few of those things too.

But, I’ve come to realize that “when this is over” means something totally different for me than it does for others.

I’m already retired. I already spend most of my days at home. I’ve spent the last three and a half years getting my home and my garden and my flowerbeds like I want them.

So, on my list of new things will go some of the old things I stopped doing years ago when life was getting in the way of living. Things I have the patience for now. Things that, should they end up failing, will be tried again until they succeed.

We’ll see where it takes me.

For today, I’ve picked some Calendula flowers, allowed them to dry a bit, and am soaking them in a jar of organic olive oil. In late June, I’ll strain the oil and mix it with melted beeswax and cocoa butter and make a salve for healing cuts and scratches on humans and chickens.

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