Posted by: morrowsl | May 24, 2019

On Creativity. And Cardboard.


One of the Five Nights at Freddy’s characters

We realized early on that, if given enough cardboard and tape, our grandson could create just about anything. His imagination is well-developed and his determination is fierce. I have actually given him rolls of packing tape for Christmas. He LOVED it!

When we moved to Remote, he very quickly laid claim to the “boy” bedroom upstairs and I offered to keep some of our moving boxes in the storage closet in that room so he’d have material to work with. He has spent countless hours in the floor or at the desk, tape and scissors close to hand, markers scattered all about, eyes and mind focused on his creation. Light sabers, masks, body armor, swords, dinosaur habitats, Ninja throwing stars, signs, hats, space helmet, shields, nunchucks, vehicle armor and tow bars. The mind boggles at the sheer usefulness of cardboard and tape to a pre-teen lad.

His mastery of cardboard and tape came in very handy last summer when his summer camp class made full-size Indy cars to race in the gym. Of course, his car came to Remote afterward. As did a robot he built from Lego boxes and duct tape.

The only problem, aside from clean up after a particularly creative weekend, is the ever growing pile of box remnants and scrap. Well, there’s also the tendency to collect bits of tape on your socks when you walk across the room. And a trashcan filled with rejects.


Indy car and robot along with piles of scraps.

We are having company in late June and the cardboard closet will be needed to store suitcases and such. So, I ventured upstairs yesterday and began to sort my way through the pile and organize what is useful and what is recyclable. I was generous, but not overly so. I want him to feel free to create whatever comes to mind when he is here. I also want him to understand that only so many tiny scraps are needed for projects. New boxes arrive almost monthly. And our local dump does an amazing job with recycling.


I’m not sure he will be as appreciative as I am with my reorganization. He’ll get over it.


The organized cardboard closet!


  1. 😦 He’s going to hate those visitors!!!!

    • I don’t think so. He loves spending time with The Neighbor Girls. And he has zero kids in the complex that he knows. So I think he’s going to LOVE the visitors!

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