Posted by: morrowsl | October 29, 2018

Dia leat eile (God rest you)

I’ve said before that this will be a year recalled more for its losses than its gains.

A week ago today, my family suffered yet another blow. This one went soul deep. There were text messages, our usual form of communication when an alert goes out that isn’t quite an emergency, but needs to be delivered to multiple people quickly.

Then, on its heels, a call.

I could hear one side of the conversation from my perch at the top of the stairs. Coming down, my legs didn’t feel like they’d hold me all the way. Hearing Mike say, “He didn’t make it” and knowing the impact such a statement would have on so many.

His wife, my friend, my sister from another mister. His daughter, now a daughter of my house as well. His granddaughters, dual heartbeats that hold us all in the palms of their oh-so-young hands. My son. My husband. Myself.

In the hours that came after, we waited, because there was little else we could do. We talked every so often about him, recalling things we wanted to always remember. And some we wished to forget. His health had been precarious for some time. But there was always that sigh of relief when the issues were dealt with and he was back to himself.

There’d been some traveling lately. Long hours on the road to get to magnificent places longed for long before there was any possibility. Place names checked off the bucket list. Events experienced. Hours whiled away. Naps in dappled sunlight. The roar of two oceans. The majesty of mountains. Lighter than air balloons dotting the sky from all directions. Little girl magic in a laugh. Lying next to the one you’ve loved all your life with the sounds of silence all around. Cups of coffee sipped in solitude. Birdsong and cricket chirps and the lights of The Strip. Hugs from family and kisses goodbye.

If this is the year we have to let him go, I will always be thankful it is also the year they got to travel and make lasting memories.

He was far too young to die and the hole will never fill. Nothing we do as a group will ever feel the same.


  1. I’m glad we got to meet him. Such a loss!! He was a good man and I know how much y’all will miss him. Focus on those good memories and find peace in them. ❤

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