Posted by: morrowsl | October 11, 2018

On Finding Peace Amid Turmoil

This year has been one of great losses.  And they are not over, at least not for the residents of Remote.  In the coming days, we will be saying goodbye to Holly, our beautiful Siberian Husky.  I will eventually get around to writing about her but, just now, I can’t go there.

We lost my mother in early summer.  All of those things you tell yourself about a life well lived and living long after your mind and body are too tired to keep trying are mostly true.  But words don’t bring back the sound of a voice or the touch of a hand.

We lost better than half our flock of chickens.  Less than a week after our youngest daughter’s chickens came to live with us, we lost one of them as well.  Regardless of how those birds died, the loss is still a loss.  It is the feeling that you’ve failed to do right by a creature dependent on you for health and welfare.

The current political climate suggests our country has lost its mind.  Or, at the very least, its ability to do what is right for all.

Most of my year has been spent driving to and from my home, down one of two interstates that are often a cross between the autobahn and a crash simulator.  I find myself uttering “I hate people” a lot more often than I like.

The combination of these events makes this a hard year to find anything worth being happy or excited about.  And for someone like me, who tends to dwell on the negative far too long, it has been a very long summer.

So, I have to force myself outside, away from the tv and computer and constant hammering.

And it is there that I have found peace amid the chaos.

I say it a lot since we moved.  I’ll never stop saying it.  I love this place.


  1. I’ve missed you and your life on Remote. Can’t see FB so I just don’t stress myself trying to anymore. But your blogs allow me to expand the text so I can read them.
    No words for the heartbreak , just know I think of you everyday & love ya bunches.

    • Ronni,
      I’ve missed you as well! I had no idea you were unable to use FB. Now that I do, I will make a point to do a better job keeping up the blogs.
      And email. I don’t remember if we’ve emailed, but if that is useful, we can go that route. I need to catch up on news of your girls and your garden!

      The heartbreak is an infortunate by-product. Hearts mend, eventually. Never quite the same. But willing to take on more with time.

      Take care, sweet friend. Much love to you!

      • Why do I never see the spelling errors until AFTER I’ve hit send?

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