Posted by: morrowsl | June 7, 2018

From My Porch

The arrival of summer has never been the highlight of my year. I don’t like to be cold and wet. But I like to be hot and sweaty even less.
In winter, you can always put on more clothes or bundle up. In summer, you’re stuck with wearing clothes.


In winter, most things needing done outside get done no matter the time of day. I avoid going out if it’s raining or worse. And I layer in the effort to stay warm, but not overly so.
In summer, I try to get outside to do my chores really early, before the heat comes up. Or I wait until evening to work as the heat goes back down. I save the inside chores for midday, regardless of the time of year.

Since moving out to Remote though, I find I spend a lot more time outside regardless of the weather. There is such joy in seeing what Mother Nature has waiting for me to discover. Lately, it’s been my flowerbeds.


I have tried to mimic my sister’s flowerbeds, but we have different skills and different soil. So my results are never quite the same. Which only means I get to enjoy two totally different gardens.
But Sister alway has a good bed of Purple Coneflowers for the butterflies and bees. It seems I will have those in abundance as well. And the visitors are already signing in.


I have more spaces here for wildflowers and natives. The hill covering the storm shelter seems to be a very good spot for a wildflower area. I seeded it in early spring, from a big bag of seeds claiming to be “meadow flowers”, but much of the seed migrated with the rain. So I will seed again, this time from heirloom seeds packages, once I determine which flowers have self-seeded. There’s a huge stand of Mexican Hats just down the road from me that I plan to harvest seed from. And there’s Bee Balm all over the highways as well.


Another huge surprise has been a Mammoth Sunflower. I did not plant it. I have no idea how it managed to get where is it, aside from some winged gardener’s assistance. I know only that it is stunning and seems happy at the edge of the bed and I’m leaving it as long as possible.


No matter where I look these days, there are flowers. So much nicer than concrete!


  1. As always…love! Can’t wait to see your garden again!!

    • I do hope to have veggies by then!

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