Posted by: morrowsl | May 25, 2018

One For The Mouse, One For The Crow…


The bluebonnets are protected.

We sighted our garden quite awhile ago. But first one thing and then another kept us from doing much else. In fact, we’re much too late to plant at all for spring/summer this year and could be too late for a fall garden as well the way things are going right now.

But that’s ok. We have a good start on the hard stuff and anything we do to amend the soil just makes it better for when we finally do get to start planting.

The first order of business was to figure out how big the space should be. So, Mike tilled it up and we gave it a hard look. We’ll have three sections of planting area divided by walkways to make for easy access. I may yet put the worm bed in here as well. We’ll see

Once we knew where and how big, we needed to set the posts. Four wood 4x4s for the corner posts, set in concrete. That turned out to be the easy part. Getting the post hole digger on the tractor wasn’t. Turns out not all implements are created equally in size! Who knew? Eventually, we did get the auger installed and it made very quick work of the holes.
Then eleven t-posts, set by hand. Even as soft as the sand is here, those were NOT fun to get in the ground. Once the posts were all in place, we needed to make sure the 100 foot roll of welded wire was really 100 feet of welded wire. It turns out that shorting the bundle a foot or two is a widely acceptable practice.


So, we rolled it out and did our best to stand it up. Once we realized there would be enough, we left it to relax a bit. The first order of business was to get the end of the roll securely affixed to the first corner post. We both hammered away and went through half a box of “steeples” (fence post staples) before we finally found a sure-fire technique. Once we had a way to hold the staple to the post without it bending or popping back out, this part was fairly easy.
Mike had discovered a little tool that looked like a badly sprung meat fork but was meant to twist the fence connectors onto the t-posts. While it wasn’t nearly as simple as the YouTube video showed, it was a lot easier than using pliers.


The first of many “steeples” hammered in.


Can’t wait till there’s green in that space!

It took us a couple of weeks, once we got all the components and actually started the build. Neither of us is willing to work in the heat of the day, so we took it easy and worked the cool mornings. Except the last day. We sweated through all our clothes and came into the house so exhausted, we both fell asleep in our chairs and woke up stinky and freezing!

But, it’s done!

Now to design and build the gates. Then we’ll haul in some well-composted soil we discovered by talking gardening with a local grower. I’ll spend most of the summer building beds and getting the soil in good shape. And hopefully, by late summer, I’ll have fall veggies started.

One for the mouse,
One for the crow.
One to rot,
And one to grow.

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