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On Having the Best

Considering how long it took to get my best friend to Texas, you’d think I’d have a camera full of photos marking the event.  And I do.  Kinda.  I’ve got images from most of the places we went.  And from some of the stuff we did closer to home.
But there is not a single photograph of just us, together, while she was here.  I have no idea how we managed to miss that.
It’s been a big downer to an otherwise wonderful memory.

When we met, so many years ago I’m not really even sure of the date, we both realized very quickly what the odds were.  She was born and raised in New Jersey.  I was born in Oklahoma and raised in Texas.  Had we been raised in the same town, we still might not have known each other.  We wouldn’t have shared a classroom or playground.  We probably wouldn’t have moved in the same circles; she was much more hip than I was at a much earlier age.  We could possibly have shared acquaintances, and maybe space in the same pizzeria.  I’m not sure we would have given each other much notice, unless we had walked into the same head shop or record store at the same time.  Or onto the beach.

It is simply an error of nature that we were born into different families and upbringings.

Since we’ve been friends, we’ve done our level best to make up for Mother Nature’s shortcomings.  We share a multitude of interests and have brought new things to the table over the years.  We both love water, the bigger the body the better.  We both love music, the common denominator that drew us to each other.  We both love a good story well told.  We both dabble in creative arts.  Both keep a camera nearby.  We love to read and have shared many books through the years.  The list goes on and grows as we do.
I’ve spent many nights in the little bedroom at the top of the stairs in her house.  We’ve burned up the telephone lines between Texas and New Jersey and crowded the internet with our almost daily commentaries.  We’ve shared a sofa and many tasty cups of tea.

And now, finally, we’ve spent some time together in my adopted home state.  Although, most of it was in the car, flying up and down the interstate.  I made the mistake of moving as far from the city as possible.  So showing folks around means we drive a lot more than we would have before the move.  Which, in this case, gave us the time for conversation that we never got to have on the sofa or porch swing.  It’s a cheap imitation, but we were happy enough to be together that neither of us was willing to complain.

We got ten days together.  I would have agreed to double that.  Although I do understand how it feels to be away from home too long.  There are needs to be met and people to miss.  Still, the distance between us keeps us apart far more than either of us likes.
We did spend some time on the deck with a fire in the chiminea with a bag of old marshmallows and the stars winking above.  We spent some time in the Grasslands, once we found them.  We hung out with Sister and Mom for a bit, but didn’t have enough time to try to whip them at Chickenfoot.
I keep thinking of things we’ll do next time and then reminding myself that this time was far too full of things to do.  We need a string of days with nothing to do except be together.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we get that chance.

Until then, I’m happy for the time we had and the friendship that keeps us traveling across the country to be together.  No matter where we are or how we spend the time.


This little cricket showed up the day the MacNeils left.  It seems right at home on the wood stove!

I love you, sister of my heart.  Until next time…


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