Posted by: morrowsl | December 31, 2015

Where We’ve Been

I always enjoy seeing the various shows doing a “year in review” where they go back over the stories that have shaped the world and our places in it for the last twelve months.  There are always things I forget happened or stuff I never knew about.  It is enlightening and informative.  And I generally forget most of it an hour after I see it.

So, I guess instead of trying to look into 2016 to see where I’m going, I’ll look back over 2015 to see where I’ve been.

“I would love to simplify my life, but am smart enough to know I’m not that person.  So, I think I’ll try to simplify within my life.  Find ways to work smarter with less.  Think more, talk less.  Read more, learn more, absorb more.  Find out what this big brain is really capable of.

I’ll see you back here in a year and we’ll compare notes.”

That was last year’s plan.  And while there are still plenty of half-finished projects scattered about the cave that need to be totally abandoned or finally addressed, I did do a few recycle/upcycle projects that used what I had to create something new.
Brother Jack has kept me in steady supply of metal bits and old barbed wire and Sister has emptied her junk drawer and old odd bits bucket as well as sending me all the guts from a completely dismantled sewing machine.  Most of this is stacked and stored in the cave or out on the patio.  I need to cull through it and make decisions again.


Junk Wind Chime

Although I had to buy a length of new chain for the dangly bits, everything else I had on hand and fashioned into what I needed instead of looking for something else to do the job.
I had plans to make several more, but blew my creative high on the one and never went back to it.  That’s an issue.  I tend to want to do things until I’ve done one, then the idea that I can do that steps in and takes over and I just don’t care to mass-produce anything.  Except when it comes to paper projects.  Those I tend to go back to over and over, perhaps because there is always something new and beautiful to be found when one pattern meets another for the first time.
I remember the designers I worked with always kept samples of their favorite color/pattern schemes bundled and banded so they could do yet another sofa or ottoman or chair with a tried and true pairing.

I vowed to watch what I ate throughout this year.  I can assure you I watched every bite!

One thing I did manage and am quite proud of is the outside of the house.  Long-neglected flowerbeds have been replanted.  New beds have been added, which then required an adjustment to the newly installed irrigation system.  But I think we knew that would be the case all along.  And it makes me look forward to the coming year of flowers and grass and birds and bunnies.  I am NOT excited about the squirrels.  Perhaps some of the cold dark days of the winter months will be spent figuring out how to upstage the little vandals.

And, while I am certain my body will limit the number of hours spent pulling and digging and hauling, I am likewise sure that I’ll try just the same.

Last year saw a leap in growth and development with all three grands.  I am reminded daily that they are growing up and will not ever again be just as they are right now.  My time with them is evermore precious.



I volunteered for a good cause this year.  Normally, I am not the volunteer type and try instead to donate monetarily instead.  But we are coming to a new chapter soon, retirement, and the funds will be even more limited than ever.  So, I am learning to give in another way.
There are tons of organizations and they all have needs.  I am increasingly aware with all the photos and commentary crammed into the newsfeed on my Facebook page.
So, I’ve chosen one that hits closest to home and that is where my efforts will go.  It is beneficial on a grand scale, is still more of a local thing than a national one, although I can see the day when it is bigger than any of us could ever have imagined, and it’s a hell of a lot of fun!

All in all, it was a busy year most of the time.  Things did get done.  But I took time to relax too.  No trip to the coast.  Instead, we found a couple of new destinations to explore in the coming years.  We’ll need to flip-flop the seasons, but otherwise, both hold promise.

As the year closes and the weather turns, I hunker down with Mike and the dogs and wait.  What will come with the passing of the hours?  Who knows?  It is as much a mystery as it was last year.  And equally exciting.

Happy New Year!


  1. SO glad I get to be a part of your years (both vicariously and in-the-flesh!)! You are probably the most interesting person I know and I love you!!

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