Posted by: morrowsl | April 28, 2015

On my hands and knees…

Every year, along about Christmastime when I’m at peak stress and zero energy, I resolve to meet the upcoming year with less.  Less stress, less anxiety, less bother.  Less weight, less computer time, less trying to fix that which is broken.  Less spending.  Less criticism.  Less frowning.
And then, like a whirling Dervish, the new year comes and the list is made and I’m right back into the melee.

This year, I will say I have approached quite a number of things with a calm I didn’t realize I still possessed.  Not all things.  But some.

After years of neglecting the entire back of our house, we’ve suddenly decided to make it a livable space where we can go and enjoy our mornings and evenings.  Years ago, when I first moved here and was excited to finally have a house of my own to do with as I pleased, I spent a lot of money, time, and energy putting in and tending to flowerbeds and a vegetable garden.  But work kept Mike busy and kids kept me running, so the vegetable garden went to seeds and weeds and only the toughest of perennials survived the long hot summers.  Eventually it all went back to grass.  And we hired someone to mow the front lawn so the city would stop fining us for overgrowth.

This new-found energy for the back yard living space is quite fleeting.  I no longer have the stamina I had when, at twenty-three, I hand-dug through layers of caliche to get to soil worthy of my seedlings.  The heat is murderous to my skin.  An hour of digging in the dirt makes my sinuses close and my head ache.  And then, because I must drink gallons of water to stay hydrated, I spend a lot of time going in and out to pee.

But I’ve discovered a silver lining that I failed to see in my younger gardening days.  Mother Nature will help you with your flowers and plants if you ask her.  Oh, it’s not so simple as screaming out, “Now look, you bitch, I’ve just about had enough of all this rain!”, but rather you must determine when it’s best to plant and when it’s better to sit and watch.
And so, I’ve done a lot of planting this spring to get stuff in the ground between rains so that I can watch the resultant growth and bloom that comes when plants are getting what they need naturally.

And I’m adding to this year’s list again.  I think I need a compost bin and a rain barrel.SONY DSC


  1. SO glad you’re finding calm…even if it’s only some now and then. Even more glad that, in between all of your projects, you find time to fine-tune your photography. The photos lately have been unbelievably professional looking! This one is perfection. Once again, I’m going to have to find new words to describe what you do!

    • Thank you, Elle. All you ever need to say is that you like things. Everything else is a given!

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