Posted by: morrowsl | January 13, 2015

The Fourth King Cometh

I usually write a bit on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day about our holiday and how things went.  I never got to that this year for some reason.  I think it had to do with getting sick a second time in that week and just not feeling much like trying to tap into a dry creative vein.
I wrote a bit about making and not keeping resolutions, mostly to remind myself why I don’t make them.  I never kept them.  But I didn’t get that magic spark this year that I usually have when all the fuss and bother is over and the calm has finally descended.  Maybe I was just too tired.

The loss of energy has stayed with me and kept me putting off the removal and clean up a week longer than normal.  As much as I love the season, I am always more than ready to see it go.

This weekend I finally gathered all the decorations and folderol together and made the trip to storage to get the totes.  I wanted to do some reorganization – all the lights together, all the soft things and cloth things together, etc – which is the only way to keep the huge amount of “stuff” in the minimum number of containers and avoid having to find a last minute place to put something that had a place a month ago.  I’m fairly certain it would send other people over the edge to see that most everything still has an original box and a good number of those have a note on them stating where and when I got whatever it is that goes inside.  It’s a level of organization I no longer maintain, except when it comes to these totes.

I tend to be really traditional about Christmas.  Most of my ornaments are old and have been with us for years and years.  I’m not one of those who goes out and buys the newest fad or color for my trees.  I always use a quilt for the tree skirt.  I prefer things to be red and green.  But I do like to change things up each year.  There are things that have a spot in the house and that’s the only spot for those things – the wooden letters spelling Merry Christmas that Mike cut for me will always go on the shelf he built for my quilt frame, the Jim Shore Santa with a harbor scene in his coat will always go on the pie safe with my lighthouses, the tiny wreath will always hang on La Jument light – but it’s fun to drag home a tree limb to hang Christmas cards or ornaments on or sprinkle fake snow on the shelf in the kids’ playroom or hang stockings from the deer antlers.
And those are the things I love most about the season.  Coming up with fresh ideas is what keeps me dragging the decorations out year after year.  I can start out completely uninspired and filled with dread and by day’s end I’ve got the music cranked up and am considering making fudge.
My Christmas spirit is stored in those Rubbermaid totes!

On Sunday, Mike and I tipped the tree over and pulled it from its sandy bed and carried it to the curb.  I kept asking “Do you see anything else?” in case I’d missed something in one of the million or so passes made through the house to scan the shelves and tables and corners.
Today I made the return trip to storage and left the totes stacked against the wall with an added tree limb and tomato cage that weren’t there last year.  I pulled the new 100-foot outdoor extension cord through the shrubs and across the patio and coiled it up to be used for summer yard work.

And turned to find one last blue ornament tucked within the leaves at the edge of the flowerbed.  A victim of high winds or possibly a squirrel.  A reminder that it’s only 346 days till Christmas.


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