Posted by: morrowsl | January 1, 2015

Oh look, it’s a new year!

As a rule, I don’t make New Year’s resolutions. I used to. But I always set my expectations so high, I was crushed and full of self-loathing when I failed. I’ve learned some things since those days. I tried setting less severe resolutions – instead of losing all the excess weight, I’d just lose half – but found I really wasn’t so keen to keep those either.

Last year, my resolution was to avoid honking the car horn unnecessarily. I think it may have been March or April before I actually DID honk the horn. Mike pointed out that I honked the car horn and told me, erroneously, that I’d promised NOT to. Yet another reason to avoid making resolutions. Unless you write them down and post them to the fridge with a big blue magnet that says “HERE’S MY RESOLUTION!”, your spouse is likely to change them up to suit their own expectations and then give you hell for not keeping them!
For the record, Mike HATES when I honk the car horn, mostly because he has become, thanks to declining eyesight and general old-manishness, the honkee, as it were. So, the sound of a horn immediately sends him into fits of frownies and grumpies and heightened pistivity.
I corrected him, then followed that up with another honk just to prove to him that I, and I alone, was the captain of my failing New Year’s Resolution ship.

This year, I’m not even going to bother. Instead I think I’ll just try to be more “in” the days as they come and seek the joy and beauty they bring. I tend to hang out close to home most days.  I like being at home.  It’s kept the mileage WAY down on Stella, for one thing.  It saves me gas.  And money.  And I can dress down most days, so that, if I decide to work outside or paint or whatever, I don’t have to change clothes to do it.  I do have to shower before I leave the house though, but can oftentimes convince myself to just stay home instead.  Instead of going out, not instead of showering.  So, I should probably try harder to get out and see people and things more this year.

I tend to bog myself down with projects as the year comes to a close, thinking that year’s end will work like a huge light switch casting all into darkness if I don’t do all of the projects I found and supplied myself for as the year progressed.  So maybe instead I need to pick up the bits and pieces of leftover projects from last year and move them forward into this year and see what I can make of those.  I still have a good pile of Christmas fabrics from the quilts I made and I really want to make the kids some pillowslips, so there’s a project started that is supplied and, in some cases, already half-finished.

I do intend to take on a new diet philosophy.  I’ve watched my sister and niece make some changes that have been very successful for them and I’d like to give that a go.  I tend to skip all meals until late in the afternoon, then I eat my way through to bedtime.  That ain’t working so well.  So, I should try harder to eat little meals throughout the day and eat to satisfaction instead of saturation.  I am the kind of person who will jeopardize any diet that “forbids” things by not only eating those things but eating large quantities of those things.  So, no forbidden foods.  Instead, maybe just more control.

I would love to simplify my life, but am smart enough to know I’m not that person.  So, I think I’ll try to simplify within my life.  Find ways to work smarter with less.  Think more, talk less.  Read more, learn more, absorb more.  Find out what this big brain is really capable of.

I’ll see you back here in a year and we’ll compare notes.

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