Posted by: morrowsl | January 6, 2014

Notes From a Jar


When the Pinterest craze first hit, I was on the site almost daily scanning all the pins for great ideas.  Some of them, wiring an antique wagon wheel with mason jars and Edison bulbs and suspending it from the bathroom shower ceiling, remain untried, regardless of how simple the tutorial made them seem.  Others were no-brainers or the sorts of things that made me feel like a real ignoramus for allowing someone else to come up with it first.
But on the list titled “Things I Tried” there are a couple of items that I love, even now.  The “year in a jar” idea is one such.

The idea is to write down all of the noteworthy events that happen throughout the year and put them in a container to be emptied on New Year’s Day and read while the family is gathered.  The hope is that everyone in the family will contribute, therefore making the reading part more interesting.
In our house, there were two people who actually wrote notes for the jar.  And we skipped an entire year between the writing and the reading.

This morning, as a part of my preliminary gathering of Christmas decorations prior to hauling out the totes and packing up the holiday for return to storage, and normalcy, I emptied the jar.  In it I found our life, circa 2012.

  • Thanksgiving: Camping was a nice change.  Not happy about my camera.
  • June:  Watching Emma and Claire figuring out how to roll over, seeing the determination on their faces.  We’re in for it!!
  • Christmas Day:  Watching John B and Marc with the three girls.
  • February 4:  First time in an ambulance.  First time in Emergency.  For myself.  Not fun!!
  • Watching Sheli signing papers on her new car!!
  • June 18:  Justin’s first day at his new school.  “I love it!!” he says.
  • February 17 (from Sheli):  Watching little Claire pucker her lips at Mommy!!
  • First Ohio reunion without Danny.  Trying not to be too sad.
  • October 29 & 30:  Hurricane Sandy.
  • June: Watching Justin figuring out what a parade is and how he fits into the group.  Seeing his face light up when he realized I was there too!
  • April:  Trying to get from the dry cleaners to Addison for lunch.  Inwood Road was re-routed to Monfort due to an accident that damaged the LBJ/Tollway bridge.  In traffic for more than an hour to go 5.2 miles.
  • August 18:  It rained!!!  Almost ALL day!!
  • January 17:  Waiting in anticipation with Marc, Mike, Sheli, Marcia and Ed, as Mandy was taken in for surgery.  Then trying not to cry the first time I saw Claire and Emma.  My granddaughters.

I took a couple of scraps of paper out of the box and wrote down two events from this fresh new year.  Then I folded the paper carefully and dropped each note into the empty jar.  I set the jar back on the bookcase near to hand for when I’m there doing other things and feel the need to make note of an event for 2014.  I look forward to emptying the jar again at some point in the future and remembering the year.

I suggest you do likewise.  It is very good for the soul.

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