Posted by: morrowsl | August 13, 2013


I’ve been packing up the Tater’s toys and such to help with the big move taking place this coming weekend.  It’s hard to know what he will want to keep here versus what he will want at his new home, plus I really don’t want him to come in on Friday evening and find ALL of his stuff in boxes, so I’m trying to take it from a “haven’t seen these in a while” standpoint.  He’s already got stuff well scattered between his Dad’s house and this one as it is.  And, while he’s a flexible guy at a very flexible age, stuff sticks.

This morning I packed up his “Cars” cars.  I have no idea how many there are, since I think some got taken to Dad’s awhile back and were left there.  Some surely broke along the way and were tossed.  And some have likely been lost over time.  Still there are enough to fill the top of his dresser (former changing table) with little room to spare.

I remember when he got the first ones.  Lightening McQueen and ‘Mater.  He wasn’t old enough yet to have full and complete dialogues between the two, but he did his best to imitate the things he remembered from the movie.  He took those two cars with him everywhere he went.  In no time, Lightening and ‘Mater were joined by Doc and Ramone, then Sally and Flo.  They just kept coming.  Pretty soon, he was having to carry them in one of his old insulated bottle bags.  The collection outgrew that bag, so he moved on to a larger fabric shopping bag.

As new models were added or another movie released, the collection grew and changed.  At some point he started using quotes from the movies when he played with the cars.  And it wasn’t long before he was incorporating them into his play with other toys as well.

Then, Pixar released the talking versions.  Another set of cars were added to the collection.  And he knew, with only a slight glance, which was “Old ‘Mater” and which was “Talking ‘Mater”.  On his birthday, his cake was adorned with “Cake Lightening” and “Cake ‘Mater” and he knew those from the rest without having to pick them up to compare the weight of the plastic against the weight of the metal.

I keep thinking he’ll eventually stop playing with his cars, but there’s always three or four to be put away at night.  I’m sort of glad he isn’t too old for them yet…

“Hey Lightenin’, you wanna go tractor tippin’?


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