Posted by: morrowsl | July 9, 2013

My Morning Cup – 7.7.13

My Morning Cup - 7.7.13

Today, for the first time ever, we went swimming with all three grandkids!! We were at the pool by 9:15 to avoid the crowd since the twins are only 18 months old and bigger kids aren’t very mindful of toddlers in the “big” pool. In a less busy pool with the adults looking on, they have so much fun. They wear puddle-jumpers and know all about kicking and not drinking the water!! Our grandson has taken swim lessons for a couple of years, so being in water over his head isn’t an issue for him or for us. It was a warm morning. Perfect. Claire and Emma were content to wade in the shallows and Justin had a blast being out in the deep with his noodle nearby.
An hour or so of water fun and we were ready for dry duds and brunch.

Growing up, my cousins were my favorite playmates. There were a LOT of us on my dad’s side (the first cousins number in the 30s) and we were all of an age, so everyone had someone to love, or hate, as things with kids usually go!! Most of us were split between two neighboring towns and in those towns some of us even lived in the same neighborhoods, so spending time together was easily done. And there were so many events that brought us all together – reunions and Easter Egg Hunts, Christmas Eve and fishing trips. I grew up thinking that all the kids in the world had ready-made playmates just like me.

It is my biggest hope that my grandkids become close cousins like we were. There’s a thing about being the same blood that makes a friendship so much stronger. My aunts and my uncles were like having more than just two parents, my cousins like having more siblings. Those relationships helped mold and shape the adult I became. They gave me a love of family that I may not have otherwise had.
Living in the city as we do, I can’t offer these kids a lot of the wonderful day-to-day things I had as a kid. No dirt roads to wander, no huge trees to climb, no creeks to wade, no tuna fish salad at Aunt Evelyn’s house. But as often as possible for as long as they’re up for it, I’ll take ’em swimming and tumble ’em around the living room and help them form a friendship to last a lifetime.

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