Posted by: morrowsl | June 30, 2013

Halloween Kitty

It started with just a flash at the corner of my eye.  Was there something on the porch?  Or had I just imagined I saw movement.  But no, it happened several times throughout the week and I was sure the front porch cat’s food bowl was being visited.  I just couldn’t catch site of whatever it was that was helping itself to the food.  And Lola wasn’t going to be any help at all.  She ate each morning, then crossed the street, always looking twice each way before she’d dart out, to sleep in the pump closet of Bob’s swimming pool.
So, I sat up a stake-out to see who, and what, the mystery guest was.
Lo and behold, the tiniest jet black kitty appeared on the first morning, but saw me through the window and was gone again in a flash.  Little did she know this house has seen its fair share of strays and she wasn’t going to be left begging for long.
Fast forward a month.  My youngest daughter is home from college for the Thanksgiving break and I’ve warned her about “Weenie”, the little black kitty, so named because of her appearance on our porch just before Halloween.  Mo started sitting on the porch a couple of times a day to get the kitty used to her and applied all the tricks in her bag, plus a full package of deli turkey, to lure her new friend in.  In less than 24 hours they were best pals and during the chilly evening hours Mo would sit on the step with Weenie sleeping in her lap.

I had noticed that the kitty had a limp and ran funny and figured she’d been born with a defect.  The decision was made that Mo would take her home to Austin when she came up for Christmas, so I set out to get Weenie acclimated to indoor living.  Right away I noticed she was pretty round in the belly and, fully aware that cats can have their first litter by age six months, I made an appointment to have her checked out and to see if her physical issues would prevent her from carrying and bearing kittens.  My hope was that the vet would agree to abort the litter and spey her.

My oldest daughter agreed to take Weenie in for her appointment.  I’m at work when she calls, quite upset, to say the vet needs to speak to me.  It turns out that our little friend’s issues were the result of being hit by a car.  Her pelvis had been broken as well as her foot, which explained why her toes turned under instead of laying flat.  This discovery came as no surprise, but finding out that what I thought was a litter was actually urine that had backed up and collected in her bladder was.  Unfortunately for her, for us, and for our vet, Weenie’s bladder ruptured during her surgery and we lost her.

I was so devastated.  And then I had to call and tell Mo.

It wasn’t the Christmas holiday we’d planned.  But one night Mo came to me and said, “You know, Mom, Weenie would have been dead for sure if you’d left her outside.  But, for a while, you gave her the best home she probably ever had.”

I know that’s true.  And yet the memory of that tiny little crippled up kitty can still make me cry.

Just before heading back to Austin to finish her last semester, Mo adopted a pair of sisters from our local pet store.  Their first big adventure was moving to Wisconsin together.  For seven years they’ve been a little family.  But that little black kitty still holds a special spot in Mo’s heart.  And mine.



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