Posted by: morrowsl | January 2, 2013

Ring them bells…

Here we are, sitting atop another new year.  I’ve no idea where we’ll go, but I’m agreeable for the ride!

Our New Year celebrations were so different this year.  Time was we went out on the town with friends or family, but that gets SO old.  Seriously.  I totally dislike being around a bunch of drunks when I’m trying to enjoy myself.  Drinking is fine, I just have way too much history with belligerent alcoholics to be comfortable spending a night of “fun” as defined by them.

So, eventually we started staying home, cooking our peas, and watching the New York revelry.  And that’s fine too.  I rarely watch all of it, opting instead to ignore the chatty emcees and read or whatever till time for the “big event” to come.  At some point, we switched from plain Black-eyed Peas to Hoppin John, which is much tastier with green peppers, onions, a dash of garlic, and ham or spicy sausage.  And one year we replaced the regular champagne with Mimosas and a tradition was born!

A number of years ago, my dear friend Vera Ellen, stopped by on NYE to bring us our Christmas gifts and ended up staying.  When her husband called to check on her, we twisted his arm to join us, and yet another tradition was born.  We managed three or four years together before cancer took Vera Ellen from us.  But Sammy soldiered on and was our boon companion for another couple of years.  This year, with our whole-hearted blessing (which he did not need, but was given, just the same), Sammy spent the evening with new friends.  And so, time turns the wheel and we find new positions.

This year we had a great-nephew in for a visit.  I felt really sorry for him, being young and wanting to do something exciting to see the year in and being stuck with us instead.  He seemed to take it all in stride, and his mother assures me he has plenty of years ahead for foolish doings, which I know to be true, based on personal experience.  But still…

We stayed home.  We ate our Hoppin John.  No Mimosas after I couldn’t find the pitcher for my old blender (probably went to storage at some point in all the cleaning/reorganizing I did over the summer).  We saw the ball drop in New York.  And were both in bed by midnight – sound asleep!!

In years passed I have looked to our celebrations as the guide for what the year will bring.  Not so much anymore.  But if our being quiet and thoughtful as 2012 slipped away means we’ll have peace and harmony in 2013, I say bring it on!!  In a world full of turmoil (that fiscal cliff the politicians have shoved us all off of!!) and heartbreak (those beautiful babies, all murdered in the one place they surely felt safest, second only to home) and hostility (anyone else spend any time on Facebook during the elections?), I’ll be happy to see some peace and love and kindness.


  1. SO glad I get to share the ride with you, even if from a distance! Love you big, my dear friend…

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