Posted by: morrowsl | September 16, 2012

Six little words…

I usually stop watching our local weather forecasts in late July.  I just can’t bear to hear those five little words that I know are coming.  That phrase that is now the mainstay of summertime weather forecasting in North Texas – “near record-breaking high temperatures.”  It seems like the past two summers have been nothing but record-breaking heatwaves, with weeks upon weeks of triple-digit temperatures.  And with that comes the death and destruction.  The grass, unless you water constantly, is bleached almost white by the sun and is like walking on glass shards.  The trees and shrubs all droop as if diseased with some kind of leaf drop disorder.  The air is totally devoid of moisture or so full you can almost see the water; either way, it is close to impossible to breathe.  Every exposed surface becomes a hotplate.  I think you really can fry eggs on the sidewalk.

So, when September finally comes around I start to get anxious for a cold front to finally drop down out of Canada and bring relief.  The first drops of rain all but sizzle as they hit the ground and you can hear every fiber of every blade of grass sucking in to get as much moisture as possible.  Suddenly plants that you were sure had died spring back to life as though touched by a healing hand.  People start to smile again and the crime rate drops.  All around there is heard a collective sigh.  We made it through another one.

And the weatherman literally shouts six of the most beautiful words in the world – cloudy, with a chance of rain!!

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