Posted by: morrowsl | December 30, 2011

The Porch

Quite a number of years ago, a friend set up a forum where a few of us like-minded souls could go to discuss our mutual interest in music and such.  I’ve no idea exactly how long it’s been up, but my guess would be close to ten years now.  We’ve become a very close-knit group over time.  A family.

As it evolved, the forum became something more than just a place to go and talk about the music we love and the people who provide it.  We’ve all taken our worries and troubles there, and our joys and celebrations as well.  In the years that we’ve been together, we’ve buried our loved ones and welcomed new life into the world, we’ve watched first steps and wedding dances, we’ve prayed and told stories, we’ve dreamed and wished and triumphed.

At some point we decided our little forum should take on a shape and a life beyond just the screen and keyboard.  So we started calling it our Porch and we’ve added rooms to the little house that it is attached to.  We have a kitchen and living room thus far, funny we’ve never seen the need to add a bathroom or bedrooms.  We put things in the fridge and take them out.  We sweep and mop and empty the trash.  We rake leaves and mow the lawn and hike the surrounding woods.

There’s a screen door that slams, a padded porch swing, a basket of quilts, candles, a fireplace, rockers, ceiling fans, a window unit A/C, books and movies and music.  Recently we’ve taken possession of a male Maine Coon cat who sleeps in a basket near the hearth and lounges in the windows to watch for  us (he NEVER sprays or claws up the furniture!!).

All in all, it is every bit the one place I would wish to be if I could be anywhere I wished.  It is lovely and peaceful and quiet.  And full of friends and rowdy and noisy. 

It’s the house in the country I dream I own…


  1. Well said, Sheree! My thoughts exactly!

  2. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished it was a real place!

    • But, it is!!! Never have I EVER in my life been able to utter 5 words (meet me on the porch) and almost immediately be surrounded with unconditional love & support!!

  3. Oh, and…perfectly put, Sher!!!

  4. Our porch offers so much fun, laughs, private jokes, love, understanding, sympathy, big fat kicks in the ass, (when needed) and friendship & honesty abound! I, for one, believe it is perfection! Happy New Year to some of the BEST friends I have ever had! I love & ADORE you all!!!! GREAT BIG HUGS & WISHES for the best year yet!!! 🙂

  5. Well, here’s the deal……………… I HAVE EVERY INTENTION, of making this happen one of these days! I have, “no clue” where the $$$$ will come from, BUT, I have, (again) every intention of seeing this happen!! (More than likely it will be a gorgeous porch in the Carolina’s with nothing more that a dinky fridge, and Port A potty! 🙂 But, Friendship & Love will abound! 🙂

  6. This sounds like the perfect place to enjoy a good book, listen to your favorite kind of music, and find the comfort of a friend. Might even have to take a tour around the back yard behind the lawn mower just to clear some of the cobwebs from the bellfry. When that’s done, get busy on some other mindless activity like finding a kite to fly. All in all, this sounds like a place just to hang out and veg for awhile.

  7. Happy New Year to all my Porch sisters and bubbas! I’ll raise a glass to you all tonight as Travis and I bring in the new year! Love you all!!

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