Posted by: morrowsl | January 25, 2011

The List

I’ve decided I need to keep a list of things that keep me positive and bring me joy.  I spend way too much time thinking of the things that don’t.  So, in no certain order, here goes…

Having a completely clean and orderly house all to my self for a day.

The smell of the air that comes off the Gulf.

Photographs – the surprise of taking a photograph and having it come out better than expected, old black and whites of those who are long gone, views of life I don’t get to see in my own.

Wandering the aisles of an antique store, not looking for anything special but finding treasure after treasure all the same.

Sitting down in the good company of dear friends to share stories and laughter.

A good cup of steaming coffee.  With honey and cream.


Books – big thick heavy novels, short stories, sweet verse.  A good story well told.

Waking up with the yen to write or work with paper and knowing all I need to do is cross the hall and sit at my desk.

The “tick, tick, tick” of a cardinal outside my window.

The security of knowing that my family is safe and warm and fed.

Watching the dogs watching the neighborhood.  Hearing Holly howling is some comfort, even if it’s annoying.

The sounds of the ocean – surf pounding the shore, shells clicking in the wash, shorebirds calling out.

A cup of tea on a certain sofa in a small house in a New Jersey suburb.

Water – along a shoreline or in motion, in a sparkling clean glass, dripping from the eaves of the house.

Holding hands with someone I love.  Or someone who needs love.

Trees – dressed in fancy fall colors or bright spring buds, shaking loose their fresh nut crop or full of fruits.

Time with “the girls” doing stuff we enjoy.  Mild winter days looking for treasures with those who are my treasures.  Being silly and laughing at how silly we can be.

Old chairs – with chipped paint or worn stain, leather seats or cane bottoms, threadbare upholstery and sagging cushions.

Sunrise – over the coast or the highway near my backyard.

Laughter – in a room full of people with one or two voices drowning out the rest, my grandson’s giggles, my brother-in-law watching old reruns, my husband on the phone with an old buddy.

Tromping through a field to take a picture of an old barn.

Seeing the highway open up before me with no time limits or agenda.  Just a compass point, some music, and a companion or two.

Sleep – that deep, uninterrupted sleep like I used to get on my mom’s sofa at Lake Whitney where the only noise was the drone of the TV and the chirping of the birds.

Serendipity – that heart-shaped ice particle that froze on my windshield last winter.


  1. This is the side of you I love best. You should focus on the positive more often. No, always. Life is too short for negative and sad. I love you!!

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