Posted by: morrowsl | September 7, 2010

My Own Little Hurricane Party

Summer is finally exiting North Texas.  I am not sad to see it go and will not miss it when it’s gone.  In fact, I’m in the process right this minute of throwing my own little hurricane party in celebration of Tropical Storm Hermine.  Ok, she’s not officially a hurricane, but she got close enough to make me happy!!  With daylight this morning came the glorious sound of rain pouring from the skies and tires splashing through standing water on the street outside.  I’ve not been so happy to be awake in at least three months!!

Calling the weather this summer brutal is sort of like saying Hell might be a bit on the warm side.  By the time the weather finally broke in late August we’d tied records with the hottest summer in recorded history (1980) and the hottest day in 58 years (August 23, 1952).  I decided to look up better adjectives to describe just how hot and dry and disgusting the weather has been, but realized that no matter how I describe it, you just had to experience it to fully understand.

But summer is finally taking her leave of North Texas.  And as the grass and trees and wildlife all heave a huge sigh of relief, I am celebrating the rain by turning the oven on (something I haven’t done since sometime back in June maybe) and baking cookies.  Not real cookies from scratch; those require a real cold front with at least a 20 degree drop in temperature.  But ready-mades work just fine for what I have in mind.  And once my house is filled with that sweet aroma, I’ll make a pot of chocolate truffle coffee and sit at my window and just watch the rain.

Welcome to Texas, Hermine.  Happy to have you!!

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