Posted by: morrowsl | August 16, 2010

At least I’m not pregnant!!

I remember somewhere along mid-February thinking that I’d better be really happy about all the snow and ice ’cause come August I’d miss it.  I really hate it when I’m right!

We’ve surpassed the 1993 record for greatest number of consecutive days with triple-digit temps.  And if we break 100 today (pretty much a given since it was already 87 at 8:30 this morning!!), we’ll tie the record with Summer 1956 (17 consecutive days).  The tap water has been tasting like dirty socks for a couple of weeks now.  The grass is yellow in spite of my early morning watering.  The trees are drooping.  Even the summertime vandals are quiet.  It’s just too hot to consider doing anything you don’t seriously have to do until it cools off.  Somewhere around midnight.

Most meals are straight from the fridge.  Or the crock-pot if you just have to have something warm.  No way I’m turning on the oven!!  I’m even using Cold Brew teabags.

Although, at this stage in the game it begins to be about bragging rights.  Who had the most hair-raising experience in the most extreme weather condition.  Those who are smart won’t seek out such hazards.  Regardless of whether you pay your bill or not, the utility company can’t legally shut off your power in summer in Texas, but you’d be a complete idiot to test that.  And those without A/C already know that summer means it’s time to catch up on those books they’ve been meaning to read; why is it the most comfortable buildings are those that house book collections?  Most native or long-term Texans know the rules of summer driving –   keep the coolant level high, the battery charged, the A/C in top running order.  Properly inflate your tires.  Keep a container of water (not for drinking) and a source of shade in the trunk.

Still, there are those who seem to find themselves caught out on the hottest of August days and the tales they tell can cause even the hardiest sun-worshipers to dissolve in a faint.

There are those who work out in the heat all summer.  I can never decide if I admire them or find them beyond ignorant.  My yardman is one.  He wears a sombrero that literally shades a six-foot circle around his body.  It’s so dark up under there it’s hard to know for sure what the man looks like.  He has no shadow…  weird.

But even the road crews realize that the heat of the day (that being between 1 and 4 pm) is no time to be out and they find a shady 7-11 sign to park under for the duration.

Frankly, I think my own tale is the one worthy of awards.  1980 remains the number one hottest summer on record for North Texas.  Sixty-nine days of 100 degree temps or higher.  Forty-two of those were consecutive.

My youngest daughter was born at the end of May, 1980.

All I can say about how hot it is this summer is, at least I’m not pregnant!!


  1. mom and i saw a young woman at a bus stop recently and both of us made the same comment. one must be very careful in dec.

  2. That summer must have been awful for me to hate sun and heat so much!!

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