Posted by: morrowsl | May 3, 2010

Warming Trend

This morning my window is open and there’s a cool, almost crisp, breeze blowing in.  I know this won’t last.  Summer is due.  And no matter how late in the season Spring lingers, eventually these fine soft mornings will be gone and the days of intense heat and burning dry will be the order of the day.

I don’t recall disliking summer nearly so much as a child.  I think it’s when you finally realize that you can’t go everywhere barefoot and sloppy that you begin to feel true dislike for days that beg bare feet and wrinkled clothes.  Who wants to wear shoes when it’s 100 degrees out?  And why iron something that will only be creased in all the wrong places ten minutes after you’ve put it on?

Then there’s the skin thing.  As a teenager I slathered my skin in any type of oil available in search of that Hawaiian Tropic tan.  Now I find that just being in direct sunlight can lead to skin cancer, with or without the oil.  And wrinkles!!  I thought I’d be a good eighty-something long before wrinkles would be more than a passing nod.  Not so!!  The face that returns my stare in the mirror looks more and more like a deckhand as the years pass.

The alternative, of course, is to never go out.  Well, that won’t do; eventually you begin to squint like a mole at the mere hint of sunlight and you get Elmer Glue skin that makes you look ill.  Move more than a foot from the A/C vent and you start to hyperventilate.  Your sweat glands go into overdrive after being dormant for too long.  No, summertime hibernation is no more an answer than moving outdoors for the season.

So, what’s the compromise?

For me, the answer lies in making use of early mornings and late afternoons.  If I get up early enough I can still get plenty accomplished before the damaging heat of the day.  Then the key is to be inside when the sun is highest and stay there till it begins to drop in the western sky.  After 3pm the temperatures do begin to fall, at least a bit and, thanks to Daylight Savings Time, there’s still plenty of light out to finish up.  And in between?  Well, that’s when you nap!!

The other solution, of course, is to head to the coast…

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