Posted by: morrowsl | March 23, 2010

What a difference a day makes

After reaching the low 70s the week before, it came as a bit of a shock to hear the words “snow” and “wintery mix” in the weather forecast for the weekend.  But the clouds hanging low and heavy in the evening sky on Saturday were quite convincing.  The stiff north wind had even more to say about the matter as the sun sank and the temperatures began to plummet.

We’d made reservations for dinner at 6:00 with plans to return to the house for birthday cake and coffee afterward.  By coffee-thirty the wind was beginning to howl and there were ice pellets falling.  The after dinner birthday party came to a quick close and everyone left with promises to call as soon as they were home safe.  The first call came less than ten minutes later – there was a nasty wreck on the interstate.  Color me more than concerned.  But everyone arrived safely and by morning the ground was covered with a couple of inches.  We kept a fire going most of the day and stayed in.

Twenty-four hours after it began you would never have guessed there had been a storm at all.  The sky was clear and bright although the wind kept up a steady howl most of the day.  Everything melted as rapidly as it had fallen and out my window today it looks for all the world like it’s still 70 degrees.

Trust Texas weather…


  1. I have a feeling that, despite our recent lovely temps, we haven’t finished with snow here in NJ. We’ve had it in April, where I’ve found myself rescuing my poor daffodils from being buried! Hope this was the last of it for Texas!! xoxo

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