Posted by: morrowsl | January 17, 2010

My Window

This is the view from the window above my desk.  Through this window I’ve seen myriad changes in the day, in the seasons, in the weather.  My preference is to watch the day begin here; watch as the sun slowly passes from right to left as it climbs the sky, lighting first the horizon into which the interstate disappears then the backyard and finally the houses across the street.

I’ve watched in wide-eyed amazement as the sky above the house of our across-the-street neighbor turns indigo as a true “blue norther” approaches.  And equally awestruck by the fast moving wall clouds of the annual spring tornadoes.

One year we had a perfect snowfall, light and fluffy and soft.  I watched as it sprinkled powdered sugar flakes onto the mushroom-shaped top of the neighbor’s tree.  I tried to photograph it afterward.  Somehow the picture doesn’t really tell the story.

In the full heat of a Texas summer day I rarely raise the blinds of my little window world choosing instead to avoid the oven-like intensity and blinding glare.  I know what’s out there and it will be there still come evening.  Although the evening light shoots directly through the glass until well after 9:00pm.

Just now, it is mid-winter and the trees are mostly bare.  They afford no shade, lend no color to the drab landscape.  But soon it will be spring and they will don party dresses and fluff and flourish in the warming breezes.

Till then, I’ll sit and watch the sun chasing long-limbed shadows across the rooftops.

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