Posted by: morrowsl | January 16, 2010

Blue Moon

New year, new moon

So, I realized that January would bring a “blue moon” and I’m not exactly sure I was aware of such things before I turned 50.  Not that being older helps you see better, it’s just that once the kids were grown and out of the house I began to actually look at stuff like the sky and my surroundings.  And owning a camera I have no real idea how to use just screams “RUSH OUT AND TAKE PICTURES” to me.  So…

Figuring the interstate overpass to be an ideal spot to view said blue moon, I pulled the camera bag off its hook and headed for the door about dark-thirty.  I told Daddio my intentions and he agreed to come along, mostly to make sure nobody I knew saw me and took advantage of the perfect scenario by hurling my struggling body over the fence into oncoming traffic.  Oh, he of great faith!!  Even I don’t know anyone strong enough to lift my fat ass roughly six feet in the air.

The night was cool enough to decide for me to leave the car running.  As an afterthought I pressed the emergency flasher button.  Not the best idea.

Lesson #1: Don’t invite rubberneckers to your night shoot.

I trudged across the bridge and only when I was standing directly over the highway did it dawn on me that the chain link was going to be way too high for me to shoot over.  I took the shot anyway.  And got a screen full of black.  Ok, the guy I paid for pretty much nothing at all when I took that class last year said low light situations mean you have to fiddle around with the ISO.

It took a while for me to determine where exactly that was on my camera.  I never recall using it on the old one.  Hmmm.

Lesson #2: It would be a really good idea to pull the manual and field guide back out and become familiar.

Back to the car and over the bridge toward home, totally disgusted with myself for being a photo failure and pretty much world class loser.  The flash from the idea light over my head damn near blinded me!!  I whipped a U and pulled into the alley.  Checked over my shoulder – yep!! – I can see the moon clearly and there’s no fence in the way.  And if I fiddle with the ISO button I might be able to at least fake like I know what I’m doing!!

Out of the car and across the street.  There’s nothing to prop the lens on so (I know I asked Santa for a mono-pod or tripod!!) one, two, three holdyourbreath and click.

Lesson #3: Since you’ve got another 18 years between you and the next blue moon you might want to spend some quality time outside at night with the camera.


  1. Kind of makes me sad I might not be around to see the next one. And don’t feel bad – although I’m sure I saw a few in my time, I had no idea exactly WHAT a blue moon was until I was well past 50! Wish I’d known it would be another 18 years til the next; I may have made the effort to catch this one…

    Looking forward to more of your words. You have a way of putting them together that touches me, Sher. ❤

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